Helpful Tips

You can plan journeys up to about 2 months in advance ... but when planning a journey in advance, make sure you check the journey again closer to the date you are travelling, as services may change.

Use the Modify Journey button on the Solutions page to change any part of your journey search.  Do NOT use the back button on your browser as this can cause problems.

To find the first journeys of the day click the  Earliest button on the Travel Plan page.  To find the last journeys of the day click the  Latest button on the Travel Plan page.

The Options section allows you to tailor your search to your preferences.

To find journeys that involve fewer interchanges between your origin and destination, click the Least interchange “trip preference” in the Options section. To find journeys that involve less walking, click the Least walking “trip preference” in the Options section.  We recommend that you always plan a journey using the fastest method – and only then go on to explore alternatives with least interchange or least walking if necessary.

If you have special needs, you can change your walking speed and maximum walk time in the Options section.

Adjusting your walking speed and time in the Options section may affect the distance you can cover, which may increase (or reduce) the connections that can be found.

Use the Print all button to print the Summary and details of all journeys, or the Print button for just an individual detailed itinerary, from your Travel Plan.

Use the Email a friend link to send the Travel Summary or Travel Plan to a friend – or even to yourself.

Use the Maps button on each journey plan to help you find your way around when making your journey. The PDF buttons to the right of the various map and timetable buttons download a printable PDF file for the map or timetable.

Attractions include landmarks, sporting venues, shopping centres, hospitals, tourist attractions, public buildings, health and education locations and parks.