Plan a journey

Step 1 - where do you want to travel from and to

Enter your origin and destination in the From and To boxes.

How to enter your origin or destination

Postcode or Address

You should enter either just the postcode, or the postal address including house or building number, street and suburb or town (but without its postcode). In both cases the journey plan is to or from the centre of the postcode area.

We recommend the use of postcodes as the easiest way to enter a precise location for the start or end of a journey.

You can also enter either a street (with its suburb or town) on its own – this may match to one or more stops and/or a list of individual addresses in the named street, from which you will be invited to make a selection. For example:


Enter the name of a rail station, tram stop or bus stop as your origin or destination.  Rail Stations are named in the format “Ashford Rail Station”.  Tram stops are named in the format “Lace Market Tram Stop”.  Bus Stops should have the name of town or village before the standard name of the stop, such as “Aylesbury Horse & Jockey”. For example:

Locality or Attraction

Enter the name of a locality (town, suburb or village), or the name of a landmark / specific point of interest (with its locality). Entering a locality will plan your journey to or from a point in the centre of the requested locality. For example:


Although you can start with the map of the region, it is normally better to focus the map on a location from which you can then explore. So normally enter the name of a location (eg: town or village) and then click the Map tab and navigate through the map to find your origin or destination.

Zoom in to make an accurate selection.

Right-click on the spot you’d like to select and then left click on “Set Origin” or “Set Destination”. A flag will then appear to mark your chosen location.

See the Using Maps section for more information.