Step 2 – when do you want to travel

Select Leave from the drop-down list if you want to specify the date and time that you want to leave (this is the default setting).

Select Arrive from the drop down list if you want to specify the date and time you want to get to your destination.

The journey planner defaults to show the current date and about 15 minutes ahead of the current time.

If you want to plan your journey in advance, change the date and time using the drop down lists. Remember that planning more than two weeks’ ahead runs the risk that details could change before you actually make your journey – so please check your plan a few days before your journey.

To get an idea of services more than two months ahead of time, then select the same day of the week (and not a public holiday) towards the end of the dates listed and plan for that date.  It can only be a guide to what might be available as services may change before you want to travel.