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Mobile Information

There are several ways to get bus times or plan a journey on your mobile phone.


For details of next departures from any bus stop in Britain including where available real time predicted times and/or scheduled departure times send the stop code for your stop to 84268 the traveline-txt service. Each enquiry costs 25p plus one standard message (25p is not charged in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs or Lincs). We show the “SMS codes” on separate pages at the back of each service timetable in PDF format, or in the mouse-over popup for each stop on the on screen (HTML) service timetable, and they are also available on Google Maps and at many roadside stops. You can use the codes in traveline-txt SMS service or with Nextbuses.


Simply text traveline to 84268 for a bookmark, or go straight to, to access this service on your mobile phone browser. Standard data charges apply. Although it is designed to work on mobile phones you can try it now.

Available on the App Store

For iPhone and iPod touch there are three apps: travelineWM, NextBuses and MyBus, all are available from the AppStore. You may pay a small charge for the app – then normal data charges apply.

Android App on Google Play

Apps are also available for Android phones: travelineWM, CatchThatBus, MyBus and Transicast Uk are available from the Android Market. You pay a small charge – then normal data charges apply.

To plan a journey...

...use any phone which is internet enabled simply browse to our site

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch there is the traveline West Midlands app... great for journey planning across the Midlands (and for trains and coaches throughout Britain) and it includes Nextbuses. It costs 69p from the App Store – normal data charges apply.

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Important Information
As our web site is now rather dated and with insufficient funds to develop it, we have with great reluctance decided that as of Thursday September 30th 2021 this web site will close.

The Bus Services Act of 2017 means that it is now the responsibility of bus operators to make available timetable, fares and real-time location data, and the Government expects bus operators and internet information providers to use the latest technological developments to provide travel planning information to the travelling public. We will continue to provide data to the Traveline National Dataset as the transition to operators' own data takes place.

Thank you to the many thousands of you who have found our website useful over the last 20 years.
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This site provides comprehensive information for all public transport services within the coloured areas above.
It also offers door-to-door journey planning across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.